Sunday, 5 March 2017

Fwd: Jardines de la Maria - Final Pictures

These are the final publicity photos of our apartment - now ready for letting - hopefully!!
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Date: 3 March 2017 at 08:29
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Hi James,


We finally got the edited pictures of the apartment. You can find them on the link below:


We think the unit turned out amazing, now it is ready to be marketed by the rental department.


I'll put you in contact with them on another email later today, so they can start discussing with you the rental rate, occupancy policies, rental agreement, and more details.


Any comments please let us know


Best regards,

Carlos Sandoval

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Carlos has to assist with the photos and progress so he is copied above.


Since brick does not burn, your building exterior is covered by insurance under the HOA dues, that you have 24 hour security to protect from theft, that we collect and maintain security deposits from renters and have not had any serious damage problems in ten years and that this is not a litigious society and nobody sues here like the US, I would say skip the insurance. 99%+ of our clients do not carry it.


But we can look for an insurance broker for you if you wish to pursue. Let us know and I will try to find one.



Rich Holman

Founder/Director of Institutional and Residential Sales

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From: James Donald []
Sent: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 4:12 PM
Subject: Jardines de la Maria


Good afternoon Rich,

We seem to be experiencing delays again with communication. We are currently awaiting the final photographs of the finished and furnished apartment. Apparently the photos should have been finished a couple of days ago.

And we have enquired (again) about insurance of the apartment contents - especially in the context of it being let. The enquiry has apparently been referred to Colombia Legal Partners but we recall some months ago we asked them the same question and they were unable to help.

Surely there would be insurance companies who would offer that cover?

If you could assist with these enquiries, that would be most appreciated.


Jim Donald and Jean Tallentire




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