Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hi everyone,
Just a further update. We are in the Town Basin at Whangarei where we have been for the last 6 weeks or so.
We spent a very pleasant Christmas with Heather and Magan at the farm at Tuakau and since then seem to have been kept busy with all manner of things. Like re-varnishing the bulwark capping and other things. Organising dorade vent guards to prevent the staysail sheets from wrapping themselves around the dorades. Very awkward at 2 in the morning if that happens!
Lots to do before we leave here in mid April. Meantime we have to haul out on March 7th. for antifouling and other maintenance items and we want to get some more sailing in so hoping to go to Mahurangi on Jan 29th. for the classic boat regatta which has been growing year by year. It's a very strange feeling to think that this may very well be the last summer in NZ for us for some time.
Hope all is well
Lots of love and best wishes
Jim and Gina (Jean)