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Fwd: The American Nightmare

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The attached email appeared in our inbox and we thought it was well worth passing on. 
We felt that the author's comparisons with what is happening now in the US and various well-known revolutions that have happened in times past are well worth examining. You will notice that the word "hatred" is used several times and is the only rational explanation for the vitriolic campaign being waged with increasing ferocity against President Trump by the Deep State.
That is the only comparison possible because social conditions in the US these days are indeed a far cry from those that existed in pre-revolutionary France, Russia and China.
The fact is that the Deep State is no less determined or ruthless than those earlier revolutionaries and is no doubt much more difficult to counter using the much gentler remnants of so-called Democracy, and hoping for satisfactory and fair election results in the face of vicious smear campaigns.
They are using the far left fringe elements of the Democrat Party to advance their own ends and they've also managed to tap into a well-spring of largely imagined grievance and dissatisfied entitlement - apparently mainly on the part of some female suburban dwellers if you can believe some commentaries!
The Deep State is particularly concerned about Trump because he is the only US President in recent memory to fulfill election promises and who is pursuing policies aimed at improving the wealth and security of his country and its people. His policies are a direct threat to the Deep State's nefarious collectivist aims, which are to destroy democratic institutions and establish left wing collectivist government in the US, and by extension in western Europe and in similar countries such as NZ, Canada and Australia, and they will spare no effort to unseat him to achieve those aims. The left promises unbounded benefits from their deranged policies, just as all other left wing revolutions before it, but it will fail abjectly, just as those others did. Look at Venezuela for a modern example.
In this they are aided and abetted by the rabid media and that includes the NZ Herald and most Australian media outlets as well as the well-known usual suspects of "fake news" - CNN, MSNBC and others.
We all no doubt have our reservations about Trump - his unpredictable decisions, apparently erratic behaviour, and for us his decision to totally withdraw from Syria. Our concern there is for the Kurds who have been reliable allies against ISIS. The Turks however regard the Kurds as mortal enemies and have been trying to exterminate them for hundreds of years. The Turks have form here - they almost succeeded in a ruthless genocidal campaign to exterminate the Armenians after WW1. Without a strong US presence the Kurds don't stand much of a chance 
But, apart from that, Trump's policies delivered with characteristic bluntness and directness, are fulfillments of his campaign promises and are aimed at protecting the USA, its economy and its people. The Deep State - a.k.a. "The Swamp" - hates this. Trump is a democratically elected President of the USA and this makes the present unrelenting campaign against him the antithesis of democracy. it is especially concerning as it is using the unwitting, ignorant and innocent support of the Democrat Party and its supporters.
Sorry to be delivering this message at what is supposed to be a time of peace and goodwill towards men, but having become more and more cynical about such things, and remembering even fairly recent historical events, we doubt whether such a time ever really existed. We should all be concerned with these accelerating trends if we cherish freedom as most of us have known it. 
Lotsaluv from us here in Medellin y esperamos que 2019 sea todo lo que desearia que fuera.
Jim y Jean

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December 24, 2018
Joel Bowman, writing today from La Condesa, Mexico City…

We trust you enjoyed your Saturnalia celebrations, Dear Reader, and that the past week was filled with gambling, libations aplenty, gift-giving and sacrifices at the Temple of Saturn, as was the Roman custom this time of year.

What fun! There is good reason the poet Catullus called this period "the best of days."

Keeping in the festive spirit, we'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our International Man's Best of 2018 Series, in which we take a look back at some of our favorite articles from the past year.

Kicking off this year's series is long time IM favorite, Jeff Thomas. In this article, which first appeared early November, Jeff takes a look at how the American Dream turns into the American Nightmare. Please enjoy his thoughts, below…
The American Dream
By Jeff Thomas
Many people in Europe and North America are shaking their heads at the rapidly-growing support in their countries for a transition into collectivism. At present, this advance is developing especially rapidly in the US.

Since the election of Donald Trump, large numbers of liberal Americans are beside themselves with despair and are responding with vehement collectivist rhetoric.

But, why should this be so? There have been many US presidents who were more conservative in their views than Mister Trump and, in fact, the Deep State, which unquestionably has more control over the future of the US than any president, is clearly moving forward with a collectivist agenda.

Yet, we're witnessing an anomaly that's not only unprecedented in US history; its ramifications and the rhetoric that drive it are often irrational beyond the pale.

A racist is no longer defined as someone who treats those of one race differently from those of another race. A racist is defined as someone who is Caucasian.

A sexist is no longer defined as someone who regards one gender as being superior to another. A sexist defined as someone who is a male.

A warmonger leader is no longer defined by aggressive behaviour. A warmonger may be defined as a man who attempts to maintain peaceful negotiations with other leaders.

And, predictably, Mister Trump is, therefore, by definition, a racist, sexist warmonger.
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The speed at which this Orwellian rhetoric is being adopted by the hoi polloi of the US is alarming and, for those of us who are non-Americans, residing outside the US, the US is rapidly losing its image of respected world leader and resembling instead a perverse circus side show.

But, why now? And why is the reinvention of America occurring so rapidly?
The new American Dream is one of collectivism. Tragically, it's a dream that always ends the same way.
Well, let's have a look at history and see if there have been similar occurrences.

In the late 18th century, the French people observed the American revolution and admired the revolutionaries, who removed the aristocracy and led the then-new United States to greatness. France was heavily in debt and the country was ripe for revolution. All that was needed was a charismatic hero who would tell the French people that they were entitled to be raised up – to rid themselves of the rich aristocracy, embrace collectivist concepts and they'd be on the road to the land of milk and honey.

They found their hero in Maximilien Robespierre. But good times did not follow. Instead, what was delivered were purges, assassinations, brutal dominance by the new leaders and, finally, economic collapse.

Similarly, after a particularly bad patch of national indebtedness, the people of Russia overthrew the aristocracy. The people happily awarded power to the Bolsheviks, who promised the healing balm of collectivism. What they delivered was continued poverty, oppression and economic deterioration.

Chairman Mao did much the same in China, first convincing the people that they were oppressed by the evil rich and promised the equality of collectivism. He delivered, instead, a two-class system of small numbers of oppressive leaders and large numbers of poor workers. And, of course, he also delivered more uniform levels of poverty.

In Cuba, the people were understandably terrified of dictator Fulgencio Batista and the regime of violence and indebtedness that he'd created in Cuba. Enter the charismatic Fidel Castro, who made no real promises, other than to end the dictatorship and make Cubans equal. The people of Cuba were so enamoured of him that little in the way of violence was necessary to implement revolution. When the revolutionaries marched toward Havana, there was so much celebration along the way, and so many government troops joined the rebels, that Mister Batista simply hopped on a plane with bags of money and disappeared.

Even before collectivism could be implemented, the hero began the purges, assassinations and brutal dominance. As always, collectivism seemed promising initially, but eventually led to complete economic collapse.

And yet, in spite of these and other examples of charismatic leaders who tout the panacea of collectivism, then deliver uniformly disastrous results, we now observe an otherwise informed nation of Americans vehemently praising the repeatedly disproven virtues of collectivism. How is this possible?

Well, let's ask Tulio Hernández, a sociologist who's living in exile in Columbia, having escaped increasing poverty and persecution in his native Venezuela, once one of the richest countries in the western hemisphere.

How on earth did Hugo Chavez con his people into throwing away their prosperity, in favour of the promises of collectivism? Mister Hernández says that this was no accident, but a carefully crafted plan intended to appeal to the basest emotions of Venezuelans.
"According to Chavez's logic, some people are evil – traitors who wish for bad things and oppose everything good. Before, they were not seen as adversaries, but as enemies of Chavez and the nation. They needed to discredit these enemies – eliminate them politically and morally, and, if necessary, eliminate them physically. Venezuela hadn't experienced ideological expressions of hatred like this before. The people held grudges against the upper class and politicians, but hatred, as an expression of ideology, is a new phenomenon. Hugo Chavez sowed hatred, by dividing the nation into revolutionaries and reactionaries… into defenders of the nation and traitors."
The reader might wish to read that paragraph again, but, this time, to imagine Mister Hernández as an American in exile, describing the irrationality and rhetoric of those promoting collectivism in the US. In this light, he's describing exactly what's taking place in the US.

The playbook this time around is the same as it has been in the past.

  • Wait until national indebtedness and other political failings have created worry amongst the populace
  • Blame the aristocracy and create a constant barrage of anti-aristocrat rhetoric
  • Convince the people that their leaders are not only incompetent, but evil
  • Create a massive campaign to discredit the existing leader in every way (incompetence, corruption, immorality, etc.)
  • Put forward a charismatic hero who will focus on regime change, whilst promising only vague solutions
  • Implement a takeover and, with the help of public anger, create purges and assassinations and institute the dominance of a police state

The Deep State in the US has achieved the first two of these steps and is well-along with the third and fourth. What now remains is the introduction of a charismatic hero and the implementation of the final stage.

The American Dream of resourcefulness, industriousness and self-reliance is very much on the way out. The new American Dream is one of collectivism. Tragically, it's a dream that always ends the same way.

Jeff Thomas

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